We have two decades of expertise in both understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients, working with them to make furniture that exceeds their highest expectations. Our role is not just to make exceptional furniture, but to creatively inspire, to realise dreams.

At Arbor Factory we make bespoke, hand crafted kitchens, larders, sculleries, pantries and laundries. We pay great attention to detail and use traditional finishes with carefully selected timbers and materials. As important as the outer look is the functionality of our kitchens, hence the use of cutting-edge technology accessories such as drawers’ slides and hinges, interiors’ arrangements.

In addition to kitchens, we can make libraries, fitted wardrobes and walk-in closets, bathroom furniture, internal doors and other made to measure joinery and free-standing pieces.

In our iron workshop we make metal and glass screens, partitions and doors to create smaller rooms within larger lofts or spaces.

Our trusted upholstery subcontractor can produce bespoke headboard, bench or cushions using traditional techniques and materials such as seagrass, horsehair and coconut fibre.

You can either come with a project prepared by your architect, or you can entrust the design of your interior to our architects. We see each client as an opportunity to be innovative in our design and to create something personal and special. We aim to be both partners and guides in this process. Whether you are looking for a kitchen, for bedroom furniture, a library or a dressing room, every piece of furniture will be designed for you and made with precision and the reliability of decades of expertise.

The quality of installation is paramount in the process of creating the highest quality fitted bespoke joinery. Our fitting crew has exceptional levels of work ethics and expertise gained from years of installing projects in all kind of property, around the world.

Every project is unique and has its challenges and that is where our decades of experience make the difference. Coordination with trades and working to schedules is an important part of our expertise. Being guests in your property we aim to be as quick as possible in order to minimise any disruption to your family life.


  • 1

    You send us your drawings, sketches and pictures with necessary dimensions

  • 2

    We prepare a preliminary quote based on your drawings and dimensions

  • 3

    If the quote is accepted, we assign a Project Manager who takes measures in situ and guides and accompanies you from the start till the final reception of your joinery project

  • 4

    Scaled drawings in AutoCad and 3D visualisations in SketchUp are prepared and sent for your approval. At this stage we will refine your project and discuss with you all the details such as fronts’ mouldings and ornaments, interior arrangements and partitions, material specifications, colours, finishes, knobs and handles

  • 5

    Colour and finishes samples are sent to you upon request

  • 6

    After the production is completed we ship the furniture and send our team to install the joinery at your site.

    Being aware that we are your guests, we try to make the assembly process as short as possible and cause the least confusion in your life.

We work in the EU, UK and USA. Other locations will be considered subject to prior discussion and assessment.