Arbor factory
First-class materials, superior craftsmanship and timeless design.

For over 15 years, Arbor Factory has been creating furniture for your home or apartment just as a tailor would shape a suit to perfectly fit your image.

Client's satisfaction is the focus of our work. To achieve that we start all projects by getting to know our clients: their way of living, their tastes, their particular needs. Together, we choose materials, we pick colours, we review every detail. So your home is actually yours and unique.

At Arbor Factory there are no standard models or basic colours. You tell us what you want and we build it for you. Imagination is the only limit.

From timeless classics to the most fashionable industrial style, from muted grays and beiges to the wildest purples, pinks and luscious greens. With us you can truly open your mind.

All our creations are crafted from the finest materials to serve you for years, ensuring your long-lasting enjoyment and peace of mind.

We are passionate about our work. The core team of Arbor Factory consists of people who have been with us for over 10 years. They are not just professional in their specialty field, but also imbued with the company's philosophy. Each project is unique and therefore always represents a new challenge. All of us strive to continually improve - because we believe perfection is not a state, but a never-ending process.

We have completed hundreds of projects throughout Europe. Clients keep distinguishing us with their trust, as they return for additional orders. We can aspire to no higher honour.